Creation of Vesuvius.


Creation of Foseco.


Invention of flow control product called « Stopper Head » for pouring molten steel.

Prior to this steel was poured by « Teapot » or « lips » method.


Development of the Isostatic Pressing Technology and the first alumina graphite isostatically pressed products called VISO (Vesuvius Isostatic). The VISO isostatic made continuous casting viable.


In the meantime, the « Continuous Casting Technology » appeared and gradually replaced the conventional ingot casting process.


Opening of a new plant in Ostend, Belgium, to produce stopper heads for Usinor Dunkerque, the largest French steel plant.


Innovation: Ladle shroud, a tube made in alumina graphite and able to avoid steel reoxidation.


Development of Vesuvius ladle and tundish sliding gate systems in Ghlin, Belgium.


Acquisition from Lafarge of the Feignies, France, plant dedicated to the manufacture of fused silica.


Launch of the first G4 Solar Crucible  for melting photovoltaic silicon.


Creation of a 50/50 joint venture with SANAC SPA, a subsidiary of Ilva and a refractory producing company. Production of VISO in Cagliari, Italy.


Acquisition of VCC (Vesuvius Crucible Corporation) by Cookson Group. The headquarters are moved from Pittsburgh, USA to Brussels, Belgium. Sales reach $ 80 million
($ 50 M. Europe, $ 30 M Americas).


Purchase of Accumetrix Corporation in Virginia, USA the first company to produce a sensor for continuous monitoring of molten metal temperatures for the steel industry.


Acquisition of Cookson Plibrico Pty Ltd.,  in Australia, dedicated to the installation of monolithics.


Acquisition of FLO-CON SYSTEMS Inc. as well as LAVA Crucible. Through this

purchase, several Flo-Con operations based in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and a joint venture in Venezuela join the Group. This company is the leader in the Americas for the manufacture of ladle & tundish sliding gate valves used in the continuous casting of steel.


Acquisition of Metacon AG, an engineering company based in Zürich. Activities are development and selling of highly automated slide gate systems used for precision flow control of molten steel mainly in billet/bloom tundish applications as well as producing furnace valves.


Extension of the Vesuvius joint venture with SANAC SPA by acquisition of Sanac’s slide gate refractory manufacturing facility in Massa, Italy.


Acquisition of FERRO Corporation Steel Mill Products in Tyler, Texas, USA. The business manufactures and sells refractory components used mainly in molten metal flow control within the continuous casting process.


Establishment of VISO and slide gate production lines in Brazil.


Building of a new VISO plant in Kolkata, India.


Creation of a joint venture with the Czechoslovakian steel manufacturer Trinecke Zelezarny « Trinec » to build a plant to manufacture VISO refractories for the continuous steel casting process.


Acquisition of FERRO Corporation’s Foundry Products Division with operations in Buffalo, New York, USA and Monterrey, Mexico.


Installation of a VISO product line in Monterrey, Mexico.


Implementation of a 50-50 joint venture with Kawasaki Refractories, a subsidiary of Kawasaki Steel Corporation. This JV « Kawasaki Vesuvius Advanced Refractory Technology Inc. » will produce special refractories and systems used primarily for the control and protection of molten metal in the steel making process.


Acquisition of LECO’s Dillon, with activities in continuous casting refractories, slide gate, fused silica and related products for casting steel.


Creation of a joint venture company between Dolomitwerke GmbH, Wülfrath, Germany, a subsidiary of Thyssen AG (25%) and Vesuvius (75%) to manufacture special refractories for the control and protection of the molten metal in the steel continuous casting process. The production takes place in the Czech Republic for Vesuvius at Trinec (VISO) and in Poland for Wülfrath at Skawina (VISO+VAPEX).



European Precious Metals fabrication business of Johnson Matthey acquired; Lead Fabrication business dispose.


Acquisition of Iberzeta, the Spanish slide gate company based in Madrid.


Construction of a slide gate assembly plant in India.


Construction of a first VISO plant in China, located in Suzhou.


Opening of a Korean sales office in June, located in Seoul.


Acquisition of Zedmark Refrattari S.P.A. Italy, manufacturing refractory products and

heating equipment for the steel and glass industries.


Acquisition of TCD Group, a Belgian engineering company based in Braine-l’Alleud, specialising in flow control equipment and technology for major steel makers worldwide.


Acquisition of Hinckley Group Flogates Ltd, a producer of slide gate systems and related refractory products and KSR Ltd , a key producer and installer of monolithic refractories for foundry, iron and steel markets in Europe and Asia. Both companies are UK based, the main sites being Sheepbridge works in Sheffield, UK,  and Pelabuhan Klang, Malaysia.


Acquisition of Flocon Italiana, a slide plate assembly plant in Avezzano, Italy.


Start-up of a new slide gate assembly plant in Miranda, Spain.


Acquisition of Becker & Piscantor (B&P),  market leader in Germany for graphite based iso-pressed crucibles dedicated to foundry.


Acquisition of VGT-Dyko plant Grossalmerode (Rommerode) specialising in the production of refractory products consumed by the glass industry, kiln furniture used by the ceramics industry and high temperature lining materials for waste incineration furnaces.


Acquisition of Premier Refractories International, a leading manufacturer of refractory products, services and systems for the steel, foundry glass, aluminium and cement industries.

Vesuvius sales increased by 75%. The extension of the product range in monolithics and other complementary products and the additional technologies in slide gate refractories allows Vesuvius to offer attractive and global solutions to customers in heavy industries.


Acquisition by Vesuvius India Ltd., of the monolithic Plant of Carborundum at Vizag.


Acquisition by Vesuvius Canada Ceramics Ltd. of Advent Process Engineering Inc., based in Hamilton, Ontario, engaged in the development of processing methods and refractory designs used in thin slab casting.


Opening of Vesuvius Mid-East Ltd., the Egyptian slide gate repair and assembly plant in Sadat City, Egypt and of the sales office at Maadi Cairo.


Acquisition of SIR GmbH, the German slide gate assembly and repair company.


Acquisition of the remaining 50% of Hernic Premier. Vesuvius becomes the refractory leader in the South African market for the metallurgical industries of iron, steel and aluminium.


Joint venture with Wugang Refractory Company (WRC) in Wuhan, China, to make slide gate plates for the steel industry. This operation is called Wugang-Vesuvius Advanced Ceramics (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.


Acquisition of a crucibles plant in Mehsana, India, producing silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles used in the Foundry sector.


Construction of a new plant to produce mag-carbon bricks:
(BRC) Bayuquan Refractory Co
located in the Liaoning Province, China.


Construction by Vesuvius Zyarock Ceramic (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. of a new plant in Kua Tang, China, to produce glass tempering rolls.


In Moravia, Czech Republic, construction of the first plant dedicated to the new standard G4 fused silica crucible (used for melting polycrystallin silicon used in photovoltaic panels).


Acquisition of Sunway Thermal Ceramics (Anshan) Co. Ltd., China, producing Viso type special refractory products.


In Australia, Vesuvius takes over the monolithics business of an existing competitor :

Bulli Refractory.


In February, Vesuvius ownership increases to 50% in the company Wugang-Vesuvius Advanced Ceramics (Wuhan) Co.Ltd. China, for the project WISCO SLIDE GATE JV-plant  expansion. The capacity is increased by 100%.


The Skawina plant in Poland is extended with three product lines :

  • Slidegate refractory plates where Skawina becomes the production centre for Europe.
  • Viso products with capacity uplift.
  • Solar crucible with the first plant dedicated to the new G5 standard.

Extension of the capacity for solar crucibles in Moravia, Czech Republic, by 100%.


Construction of a new solar crucible plant is built in Suzhou, China, to supply the Chinese market.


On April 4th.,Cookson acquires Foseco plc., leader in ceramics for the foundry industry.  Foseco is merged into Vesuvius to create the world specialist of ceramics for metal casting. The new Group is enlarged by more than 50%. Foseco history


Two new plants for the production of sleeves are commissioned in Glywice, Poland, and in Gebze, Turkey.


Transfer of the Buffalo, USA, foundry crucible production to Monterrey, Mexico.


A new foundry crucible plant is created in Suzhou, China, to serve the Chinese market.


The joint venture with Wuhan Steel Corp. is extended for VISO products.


Commissioning of a new precast plant in Visakhapatnam, India.

Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation

Creation of a joint venture with Anshan Steel Corp. Liaoning Province, China, to manufacture basic bricks and monolithics, as well as the entire line of flow control refractories. The plants are designed for a capacity of 250,000 Tonnes per year.


Vesuvius plc becomes a separately listed company in 2012 as a result of the division of Cookson Group plc's businesses into 2 companies through a demerger.