The DIAMANT® rotary degasser is the most significant advance in the technology of rotary degassing of aluminium alloys. The DIAMANT® degassing shaft and rotor have been developed to overcome normal shortcomings associated with rotary degassing since they are manufactured from ceramic bonded materials having high wear and oxidation resistance.


  • Unique single piece design (no separate shaft and rotor)
  • Extended Life
  • Variety of clamping systems available
  • No wear of shaft at bath level (metal-air-shaft interface)
  • Resistant against salt and chlorine treatment
  • Flux injection through degasser possible
  • Can be used in continuous operation

VESUVIUS VISOMELT™ immersion heater protection tubes are also available for heated degassing boxes.


VESUVIUS manufactures a full range of traditional porous plugs for aluminium furnace hearths and other purging applications. VESUVIUS is a leading developer of purging systems for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has recently developed the unique nitrogen or argon Gas Diffuser Block. This innovation comprises of a quality permeable material within a non-permeable surround, which eliminates the requirement for a metal case as used with more traditional purging blocks. This full ceramic plug design purges fine bubbles over a large surface area, improving gas interaction and overall metallurgy.