Tundish Systems

Tundish System

Global and consolidated experience

From ladle to continuous casting tundish, VESUVIUS supplies a full spectrum of advanced products for all pouring, casting and steel treatment application. Thanks to his expertise gained over the years, VESUVIUS has consolidated the widest flow control technology panel.

1. Ladle Gate
2. Ladle Shroud Manipulator
3. Tube Changer with Stopper
4. Tundish Sliding Gate
5. Tundish Sliding Gate with Tube Changer
6. Calibrated Nozzle Changer
7. Stopper Control Systems
8. Mold Level Control
9. Global Systems Automation


Full range of systems for tundish molten steel flow control
VESUVIUS supports the customer in the optimization of molten steel flow control offering a full range of Tundish Systems: Slide Gate, Tube Changer with Stopper or Slide Gate, Calibrated Nozzle Changer.

VESUVIUS' strengths:

  • 30 years experience (VESUVIUS has over 1000 strands equipped with VESUVIUS tundish systems (over 5000 systems) operating on 366 casters worldwide)
  • Full range of systems for any type of application: slab, bloom, beam blank, billet and thin slab casters
  • Two R&D centres (Belgium and USA)
  • Highly skilled engineering department supporting Steel Industry General Contractors and customers for projects of any size
  • World leader in tundish systems for molten steel flow control
  • Advantages of our systems:
  • Improved air-tightness of our last generation of slide gate systems
  • User-friendly
  • Systems can be combined with various kinds of refractory components
  • Auto-start and auto-stop as well as advanced automation packages for mould level control allowing no-man casting operation.