Purging System

VESUVIUS provides a complete range of Systems for all the steelmaker's Purging requirements.

Purging System


CDS Gas Purge Plug
An excellent range of CDS cast purge plugs with unidirectional channels, to suit a wide variety of gas purging applications.

  • High Performance Castables
  • State-of-the-art production techniques
  • Accurately formed channels
  • Slot/channel configuration to suit the customers' gas flow requirements
  • Improved gas flow controllability
  • Consistent high quality product

CPA and Porous Gas Purge Plugs
A comprehensive range of designs and materials are available to suit Steel, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous foundry applications

  • Consistent quality
  • Pressed Fired Technology
  • Cast Fired Technology
  • Composite - (with integral Sleeve) available
  • Wear Indicator available
  • Reliable gas flow performance

RCA Gas Purge Plug
The RCA purge plug contains recrystallised Alumina tubes which are impervious to gas leakage thus ensuring all the incoming gas is delivered into the hot metal. At the base of the purge plug, the RCA tubes are sealed into a gas distribution manifold. Gas flow rates to suit all conditions can be accommodated.

  • Gas tight system
  • Excellent resistance to erosion / corrosion
  • Channelled tubes not wetted by slag
  • Smooth slot / channel wall prevents metal key
  • Improved gas flow controllability
  • High performance quality product

The Plate type gas purge plug
The Plate type purge plug is of conventional design containing unidirectional gas passages formed by pressed and fired Alumina plates. A wide variety of designs and sizes are available to suit individual ladle configurations and gas flow rates.

  • High performance refractory
  • Consistent quality
  • Effective wear indication
  • Improved resistance to hot face lance damage


Purge Plug Housing Blocks
Housing blocks can be supplied to suit all ladle linings in a range of designs and materials. All our materials are constantly being improved through an on-going development programme to meet the customers' needs.

To work with specific steel maker practice and application, design options include:

  • Addition of stainless steel fibers
  • Various lifting hook configurations
  • Locating rings to allow correct centering of housing block in ladle
  • Pre-assembled unit combining housing block and purge plug


Purge Plug Housing Block Assembly
Purge plug / Housing block sets offer the convenience of a pre-assembled unit and can contain any of our extensive range of plugs - RCA, cast direct slotted or plate types with blocks designed to accommodate all ladle linings.
They can be supplied as changeable or non-changeable units and can also be used with the IPV safety gas-purging valve.

Gas flow rates to suit all conditions can be accommodated from zero to a current maximum of 1200 l/min. Higher gas flow rates can be provided to special order



The IPV Safety Gas-Purging Valve for Steel Casting Ladles
"A cost-effective solution giving the steelmakers confidence"

  • Totally safe system
  • High reliability efficiency
  • Improved gas flow control
  • Simple assembly and plug changeability
  • No gas leakage


The IPV Safety Mechanism Concept
The IPV valve is a precision-engineered device, designed to provide a safe metal tight arrangement for the injection of gases into molten metal containing vessels.

The IPV housing block is manufactured from refractory materials in either one or two pieces, to a range of different shapes, designed to be compatible with the plant's individual ladle brickwork configuration.

According to the application, any of the purge plug types offered by VESUVIUS might be utilised in conjunction with the IPV safety mechanism. 



Purge Plug Manipulator
A purge plug manipulator can be supplied for impoved and safer handling of plugs in the steel making shop. 



Automatic Remote Coupling System
Working in conjunction with external suppliers, a remote connection can safely be made to the ladle.
The system enables an automatic media connection by gas-media itself without electrical connections to ladles on transfer cars, turrets etc.


The system is available as Single Line, Twin Lines or Double Lines Remote Coupling System.