Launch of HOLLOTEX Shroud at GIFA 2019

Product Overview

Foseco has launched HOLLOTEX Shroud - a new process that can be effectively applied in steel foundries. A shroud is positioned in the mould, the bottom of the shroud protrudes into a filter box located at the base of the mould. When the ladle is in position, the shroud is mechanically lifted so there is a seal between the nozzle and the shroud. The metal flows from the nozzle, through the shroud into the filter box, and then to the runner. As the metal flows it is protected from exposure to air, eliminating the potential for air aspiration. The resultant casting is exceptionally clean  and able to successfully pass through x-ray and other non-destructive evaluations rapidly. The physical properties of the casting are markedly improved through the elimination of reoxidation particles and films.

Moulding and pouring with the HOLLOTEX Shroud

Technical Article

Advances in pouring of steel castings with a Shrouded Metal Stream

HOLLOTEX Shroud Webinar

In September we offered two webinar sessions to our customers. You can watch the recording here.

Key benefits 

  • + No air entrainment
  • + Reduced unacceptable X-ray and MPI defects
  • + Reduced repair requirements
  • + Pouring temperature reduction
  • + Improvement in mechanical properties