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Foseco at a glance


Foseco, is a world leader in the supply of foundry consumables and solutions. The foundry process is highly sequential and critically dependent on consistency of product quality and productivity optimization. Our solutions and advanced computer simula­tion techniques allow foundries to reduce casting defects such as pinholes, shrinkage cavity, inclusions, scabbing, penetration or veining. Hence the Foseco products reduce labor-intensive fettling and machining, minimize metal usage requirements, influence the metal solidification process and automate molding and casting, thus reducing cost, energy usage and mold size.

The conditioning of molten metal, the nature of the mold used and, especially, the design of the way metal flows into the mold are key parameters in a foundry, determining both the quality of the finished castings and the labor, energy and metal usage efficiency of the foundry. The products and associated services to foundries improve these parameters.

The comprehensive range of foundry consumables and equipment for iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries includes exothermic and insulating feeding systems, filters for liquid iron, steel and aluminum, direct pour technology, solidification simulation software, non-ferrous metal treatment and degassing systems, metal stream inoculation, advanced coatings, environmentally friendly binders, lining systems for ladles and furnaces as well as energy saving crucibles.