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Foseco offers a broad range of refractory products for most lining and repair applications.  The main products are recommended below.

Induction Furnace Linings for Steel Alloys

KELLUNDITE 857 and MAGNAVIBE 750 refractory linings are ideally suited for all grades of steel.

Induction Furnace Linings for Cobalt and Nickel Based Superalloys

  • MAGNAVIBE 700 for Vacuum Induction melting applications.
  • MAGNAVIBE 750 and KELLUNDITE 857 for Air Induction Melting of cobalt and nickel based superalloys.

Induction Furnace Linings for Aluminium and Copper

  • KELLUNDITE 703, KELLUNDITE 707 and FINMIX for aluminium applications.
  • KELLUNDITE 400 and MAGNAVIBE 750 for copper based alloys.

Plasters and Mortars

  • X9 Plaster, 90 RAM HS, 90 RAM PC-HW and 90 RAM slurry are recommended for air induction melting of most alloys.
  • SUREBOND 5A and SUREBOND 85 DA are recommended for vacuum induction melting applications.
  • BL-RAM HS is recommended for aluminium.

Porous Plugs for Steel Alloys

Foseco Purge Plug Systems are engineered for clean steel melting in coreless induction furnaces of all sizes and capacities and have been designed for use in conjunction with our full range of acidic, basic, and neutral KELLUNDITE and MAGNAVIBE dry-vibratable working linings.

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