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ENERTEK ZnO thermally efficient crucibles have been specially developed to optimise energy consumption in the production of Zinc Oxide via the indirect or “French” process.

The energy consumed and the production rate both have a major input on the profitability of the production process, while the energy consumption and the related production of greenhouse gases are extremely important concerns for industries today and in the future.

By increasing the thermal conductivity of the crucible it is possible to both reduce energy consumption and increase productivity by significantly reducing melting time offering substantial advantages to the manufacturer.

Performance differentials over competitive crucibles will vary according to the quality and application concerned but savings of more than 30% have already been measured in the field.

Key Benefits:

Thermal Efficiency

  • Lower energy costs.
  • Labour savings from shorter production cycles.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.

Increased Productivity

  • Increased production capacity without capital investment.
  • Reduced energy costs per tonne of ZnO. Lower labour costs per tonne of ZnO.
  • Higher sales and enhanced profitability.

ENERTEK ZnO crucibles are available in most standard shapes and capacities and can be fitted to the majority of crucible furnaces without any changes to current practice. ENERTEK ZnO is most suited to Zinc-Oxide and Zinc-Dust production applications, particularly flame fired furnaces.


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