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Vesuvius ZYACAST* fused silica, aluminium resistant launders and filter boxes are available in precast form to suit individual cast house launder shapes and designs.

Alternatively ZYACAST* can be supplied in a self-levelling formulation for easy installation at site.

ZYACAST* launders have been specifically designed for the efficient transfer of molten aluminium in cast houses, exhibiting superior non-wetting properties and excellent thermal shock resistance. The smooth, non-friable surface finish of ZYACAST* launders ensure that aluminium skulls formed between casts are easily removed without damaging the launders.


For rapid transfer launders between melting and holding furnaces, dense ALUGARD* castables provide excellent resistance against erosion and mechanical wear. ALUGARD* also provides excellent linings for in-line degassing units. 

For continuous casting launders that remain full of molten aluminium 24 hours per day, Vesuvius has developed a special high purity, low density alumina based ALUGARD* product, which can be supplied as a castable for site installation or in precast form. 

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