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Working Linings

Benefits of Vesuvius tundish working lining solutions

  • Improved safety
  • Simplified installation
  • Extended service life

Engineered materials

BASILITE* :  A range of sprayable, disposable Tundish working lining coatings that can be applied through our state of the art BASILITE* spray equipment or can be also be applied manually.
BASILITE* can be used cold or hot with custom designed high efficiency drying equipment.

  • Low installed density
  • Easy deskulling
  • Low thermal conductivity resulting in reduced temperature loss from the steel
  • Reduced hydrogen pick-up concerns
  • Minimal alkali content to maximize permanent lining service life
  • Simplified ramping and dry-out procedure
  • Low thermal improvement insulation

BASIVIBE* / TUNDEX*: MgO based tundish vibratable material solution for both non-preheated and preheated tundish start up practice.

  • Simplified installation
  • Eliminates moisture as a source of hydrogen
  • Low organic binder content to reduce possible hydrogen and carbon pickup
  • Increased slag resistance due to low porosity
  • Longer casting sequence lengths
  • Consistent internal tundish dimensions
  • Uniform lining to reduce steel pollution and maintain tundish flow pattern
  • Reduced energy requirements for curing dry versus spray linings

TUNCAST*: A range of sprayable products for Tundish working linings. Environmentally friendly materials applied through custom designed mixing and robotic application equipment. TUNCAST* can be used with hot or cold tundish practice. Custom designed high efficiency drying equipment is also available. 

Installation expertise

Vesuvius provides a wide range of services from equipment design, installation and maintenance to complete Total Tundish Management Services.

Installation equipment

Unsurpassed in performance and reliability, Vesuvius tailored state of the art installation equipment is specifically designed to deliver optimum results. Our custom designed equipment for tundish lining materials provides the latest technologies and best performance in material handling.

Permanent Linings

Benefits of Vesuvius solutions

  • Easy installation
  • Easy dry out
  • Extended service life
  • Modeled / profiled permanent linings
  • Yield savings
  • Skull reduction
  • Improved tundish flow pattern

Engineered materials

Monolithic high alumina tundish safety lining materials.
FOSCAST* and CRITERION* are low cement, low moisture, high purity, high alumina, alkali resistant castables designed for backup lining in the tundish.
ULTRA MAX* ultralow cement castable with exceptional alkali resistance, high strength and excellent thermal shock resistance

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