At Vesuvius we know that our strength lies in our people’s talents as such we continually invest in developing our people through a variety of means including internal and external courses, on the job development and other methods specifically designed for and by Vesuvius. 


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Vesuvius Technical University – HeaTt (Hub for Employees Advanced Technical Training) – deepen your skills

Our people’s collective experience is the reservoir of the Group’s expertise and is core to the Vesuvius business model. The prime objective of HeaTt is to develop and transfer technical knowledge and understanding in order to retain our leading edge technical competence which differentiates us from our competition.

HeaTt is the Vesuvius technical university. It is structured on five levels, from “entry” to “expert”. Modules are designed and delivered by our own staff, with the introductory level giving an overview of the business and the more advanced modules providing specialist knowledge on Vesuvius products, services and applications. 


Leadership development – broaden your skills

We provide a Middle Management Leadership Programme (Wings) which is designed in partnership with the Vlerick Business School in Belgium.


On-the-job experience and international mobility

When joining Vesuvius a specific induction and training programme will be designed for you and this will continue throughout your career with Vesuvius.

For those interested in working overseas, Vesuvius offers well-structured expatriation and international assignment projects.  Employees who embark on these assignments typically learn from new cultures and experiences which helps them to develop a broader perspective.