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What is the Company's registered office address?

Vesuvius plc
165 Fleet Street
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7822 0000
Facsimile: +44 (0)20 7822 0100

When is the next Annual General Meeting?

AGMs are usually held in May each year.

How many countries does Vesuvius operate in?

Vesuvius has operations in 38 countries, selling its products in over 100 countries.

Where can I get a copy of the latest financial results?

These can be found on our Results, Reports and Presentations page.

Where can I find copies of Vesuvius's regulatory announcements?

These can be found on our Regulatory News page.

When does Vesuvius usually publish its financial results?

Vesuvius usually publishes its annual results in late February/early March and its half-yearly results in late July/early August each year.

Can I receive Vesuvius information electronically?

Shareholders are now able to elect to receive shareholder communications, including the Annual Report and notices of meetings, in electronic form rather than by post. For more information, click the following link: E-Communications

How can I stop receiving multiple copies of the Annual Report and other Vesuvius documents?

If you have requested multiple copies in the past, please write to the Registrar and ask them to send you only one copy in future.

Sometimes, if you have bought shares on separate occasions, minor differences in your personal registration details occur, resulting in more than one registered account being opened for you. This would result in you receiving multiple copies of Vesuvius documents.

If a new account has been opened as a result of a minor spelling error, all you need do is call the Registrar's helpline given below, quoting the account numbers, and ask them to correct the error and amalgamate the registered accounts.

Should there be a difference in registered addresses (for example one address includes a house name), but your registered name is the same, you should write to the Registrar with reference to all the affected accounts, confirm which is the correct address, and request that the accounts be amalgamated. You should always quote your full name, address and account numbers in all correspondence.

If there are differences in your registered names (for example John Smith and John R Smith) and the registered addresses are the same, then you will need to obtain a "Letter of Confirmation" from your bank. In the above example, this letter would confirm that 'John Smith' and 'John R Smith' at the given address is the same person. Your bank will make a small charge for this service. You should then send the letter to the Registrar requesting in writing that the relevant accounts are amalgamated. Always remember to quote your account number.

On what stock exchange are Vesuvius shares traded?

Vesuvius shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange.

What is the stock/ticker symbol for Vesuvius shares?

The ticker symbol for Vesuvius shares is VSVS.

Can I buy Vesuvius shares from other countries?

Although you cannot buy Vesuvius shares in other countries, you can buy Vesuvius shares through the London Stock Exchange using your own broker.

Who are Vesuvius' house brokers?

J.P. Morgan Cazenove and Jefferies International.

Who is Vesuvius' share Registrar?

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House, Spencer Road
Lancing, West Sussex
BN99 6DA
United Kingdom
Tel (UK only): 0371 384 2335*
Tel (non-UK): +44 121 415 7047

*Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm; excluding UK Bank Holidays.

Can I check my shareholding details online?

Shareholders can access their holdings online by visiting the Registrar's website at www.shareview.co.uk The website provides information useful to the management of investments together with an extensive schedule of frequently asked questions. In order to gain access to your holding you will need your reference number which can be found at the top of your share, or option certificate.

Who should I speak with if there is a problem with my dividend?

If there is any problem with your dividend, including missing or lost cheques or tax vouchers, please contact the Registrar straight away.

How do I arrange to have dividends paid straight into my bank account?

You can have your dividends paid directly into a UK bank account. A tax voucher will be sent to your registered address, which will confirm when and how much has been paid into your account. The Registrar also provides a dividend payment service in over 30 countries that automatically converts payments into the local currency. For more information contact the Registrar.

Can I reinvest my dividends in Vesuvius shares?

Yes, Vesuvius offers a Dividend Reinvestment Programme. Details of the DRIP programme can be found here.

What should I do about a change of address?

Please write to the Registrar confirming your full name, account number and your old and new addresses in full.

What should I do about a change of my name?

Please write to the Registrar confirming your address, account number and your old and new names in full. A copy of your supporting legal documentation must also be provided. This may be a copy marriage certificate or deed poll, as applicable. In the case of divorce or separation, a copy of the relevant supporting documentation must be provided.

Is my share certificate important?

Your share certificate is evidence of your ownership of your Vesuvius shares, and so should be kept in a safe place. Your share certificate will be needed if you want to sell all or some of your Vesuvius shares in the future.

What should I do if a deceased relative owned Vesuvius shares?

The person responsible for the estate should contact the Registrar as soon as possible to arrange for the transfer of the shares to the estate beneficiaries, or to prepare the shares for sale. The arrangements are fairly simple for shareholdings valued below £10,000, but involve additional steps for higher value shareholdings. More information is available from the Registrar's web site on the following the link: Equiniti Help

What is the procedure for replacing a lost share certificate?

Lost certificates should be notified to the Registrar as soon as possible. A "stop" will be placed on that certificate to prevent any fraudulent attempt by a third party to sell your shares using the lost certificate. Before a replacement certificate can be issued, the Registrar will request that you sign a letter of indemnity, provision of which will occur a charge. The indemnity protects the Company should a dispute arise over ownership at a later stage. Share certificates are posted to shareholders at their own risk.

How do I combine multiple share certificates into a single certificate?

Multiple share certificates can be consolidated into a single certificate by sending them to the Registrar with a written request. The counterfoils should be retained for your tax records. It is advisable to use a tracked delivery service, such as the Royal Mail's 'Recorded Delivery'.