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Fired heaters are primarily insulated boxes that are heated internally by a series of burners. This is done to heat the process fluid which usually transverses the heater in steel tubes. The major use of refractories in this type of unit is to thermally insulate the steel shell. Vesuvius supplies two types of materials for this application - refractory ceramic fibre and insulating castables. 

Trough CER-WOOL* ceramic fibre products
Radiant Floor 
MOLDIT* general purpose super duty castables 
CRITERION* high alumina low cement vibration castables 
CERGUN* TG132 high alumina gunning mix
Radiant Lower Walls
Radiant Upper Walls LITE WATE* medium weight insulating castables and gun mixes 
CER-WOOL* ceramic fibre products
Radiant Roof
Convection Section LITE WATE* light and medium weight insulating castables 
CER-WOOL* ceramic fibre products
Header Boxes CER-WOOL* ceramic fibre products
Doors, Pigtails, Seals
Vacuum Formed Sites and Frames

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