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For a billet caster operated with calibrated nozzle, the flow control solutions must be cost effective, user-friendly and simple, but also able to achieve long tundish sequences.

Vesuvius brings its skills and experience to develop and service solutions that maximize production quality and throughput, with the highest safety, while offering competitive operating costs.

Calibrated Nozzle Changer

Calibrated Nozzle Changer and associated plates

Primary objectives:

  • Provide accurate and fast flow control adjustment from tundish to mould
  • In some cases, be flexible to operate the same caster either with a flow control valve or with a calibrated nozzle & calibrated nozzle changer.

Main features:

  • 2 different calibrated nozzle designs, with common benefits:
    • Increases caster productivity
    • Provides fast exchange of metering nozzle
      (when worn or damaged)
    • Ensures instant positive shut-off of steel flow
    • Reduces number of tundishes in production cycle

Mould Level Control

AMLC-Opto: Automatic Mould Level Control

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