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Electrical steel is a silicon steel based alloy used for its magnetic properties and stability over the time in electrical engineering. Applications include stators, rotors, parts of electrical engines for hybrid vehicles and transformers. The manufacturing process steps include decarburizing and recrystallization in annealing reheat furnaces. This process is often performed in roller hearth furnaces for which Vesuvius provides state-of-the-art ceramic conveying rollers.

ZYAROCK® metallurgy roller

The ZYAROCK® metallurgy roller is a ceramic based product used in horizontal continuous heat treatment processes for steel strip such
as silicon steel treatment, galvanizing lines or other various annealing systems. The ZYAROCK® metallurgy roller has been engineered to optimize the conveying of the metal steel strip inside the furnace up to 1100°C improving the surface quality and increasing the line productivity.

ZYAROCK® metallurgy roller benefits

  • Increased productivity and easy installation
    Due to the outstanding resistance to thermal shock the product can be installed in hot furnaces without preheating and does not require furnace shut down, thus increasing the overall line efficiency.
  • Extended life time
    No wear on the roller surface even after many changes to different widths of steel strips, resulting in a longer lifetime of the roller. We refurbish the roller by reconditioning the shaft and installing a new ceramic sleeve.
  • Cleaner surface
    Surface build-up is greatly reduced compared to metal rollers. The high purity fused silica ceramic material used to manufacture the smooth and precise machined ceramic sleeve ensures a long standing performance with clean surface thus increasing production efficiency.
  • Engineered solution
    Tailored design and years of experience lead to a product that matched highest operating conditions and line speed up to 180 m/min. Depending on operating conditions and care life time of 3 and more years is reached.

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