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Our capability includes:

  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Extensive material supply including shaped and unshaped refractories :
    • A comprehensive range of brick types, fired & chemically bonded, including - Chamotte, Andalusite, Bauxite & Basic Magnesia grades, additionally the more exotic, High Purity Corundum, Corundum-Chrome, Mullite & Silicon Carbide types
    • A comprehensive range of monolithic materials, including Low cement castables and gunmixes; Free-flow LC castables and shotcrete castables; Mouldables 
  • Insulating bricks, monolithics and fibres
  • Installation and Supervisory/Inspection services
  • Refractory Management Contracts
  • Specialised Services - High speed, high volume monolithic installations by Shotcrete and Dry-Crete methods

Solutions for Fluidized Bed Incineration  

Roof & Outlet DURAGUN* Low Cement Gunmixes
CERGUN* Conventional Gunmixes
DURAFLO* Self-flowing Castables
RAMTITE* Clay Bonded Plastics
Freeboard NETTLE* Firebricks
SILLMAX* Fired Alumina Bricks
SURSHOT* Shotcrete Refractories
DURAGUN* Low Cement Gunmixes
CERGUN* Conventional Gunmixes
CRITERION* Low Cement Castables
Fluidized Bed STEIN* Fired Chemically Bonded Bricks
SURSHOT* Shotcrete Refractories
CRITERION* Low Cement Castables

Solutions for Rotary Furnaces  

Integrated Chemical Waste Incineration
Feed Inlet NETTLE* Firebricks
CERCAST* Conventional Castables
SURSHOT* Shotcrete Refractories
Rotary Furnace Inlet
SILLMAX* Fired Alumina Bricks
After Burner Chamber SILLMAX* Fired Alumina Bricks
SILIDUR* Sillimanite Bricks
CRITERION* Low Cement Castables
SURSHOT* Shotcrete Refractories

Solutions for Thermal Oxidisers

Burner Quarl CRITERION* low cement H A castables
CERCAST* conventional H A castables
Primary Combustion Chamber
ALCOR* corundum based bricks
Secondary Combustion - cone and upper barrel MUBEL* mullite based brick
Main barrel and lower cone
SILLMAX* andalusite based bricks
Quench section
STEIN* dense, low porosity firebrick
Insulation HR* insulating bricks
LITEWATE* insulating castable

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