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The major roles of the Automatic Tundish Weight Control are:

  • To free the operators from an exposed position and boring task
  • To ensure stable and consistent casting operation
  • To maximize refractory plate life

Vesuvius teams combine skills and experience in Ladle Slide Gates, Hydraulic, Refractories and Automation to provide a simple and performing Tundish Weight Control Solution that could also contribute to longer refractory plates life.

  1. Tundish weighing system
  2. Comparison with weight set-point
  3. Smart controller to control hydraulic valves
  4. Valves to drive ladle gate cylinder
  5. Ladle gate cylinder, VESUVIUS gate and refractories

Main features

  • Precise tundish weight smart control with no need of gate position feedback
  • Smart control to limit the actuation of the gate to the minimum and thus limit the plate erosion
  • Position feedback available if requested, in which case the smart control solution can still operate as a back-up
  • Full solution package including all components involved

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