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Vesuvius offers specially formulated Fused Silica melting pots for the melting of a variety of glass types including borosilicate, colored glass, opal glass and crystal glass.

The ready-to-use product, the amorphous SiO² material structure and the consistent material behavior throughout the melting process provides excellent glass melt conditions. Customized shapes and no preheating or conditioning make the product the first choice for glass manufacturers.

ZYAROCK® ArtecTM pot benefits

  • Reduced operation costs
    Ready-to-use solution enabling immediate installation without the need of on-site pre-firing thus leading to energy and operational costs savings
  • Minimized defect and contamination risks
    Due to the high purity of fused silica material containing very low iron oxide
  • Increased lifetime
    Design ensuring high temperature stability and decreasing corrosion speed leading to a long standing quality product
  • Optimized storage costs and duration
    No aging process is required, which reduces storage costs and releases space

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