Vesuvius employs  11,010 people, serving customers all over the globe. Our employees’ engagement with our values and culture is not simply a matter of compliance – it is vital to our success and the sustainable delivery of the Group’s strategy.

A Framework for business integrity

Vesuvius has established a simple framework for explaining and delivering the principles we consider to be fundamental to our sustained success:

Health, safety and the environment

Health, safety and environmental matters are mainstream management responsibilities. We will protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, visitors, the general public and others affected by our operations. Public concerns about the health, safety and environmental aspects of our operations must be addressed constructively.


Trading, customers, products and services

Long-term, positive customer relationships are essential to achieving our goals. In dealing with existing and potential customers, and with agents, distributors, suppliers and other business associates, we must maintain an unquestioned reputation for integrity, treating them all fairly, consistently and on the basis of mutual respect and trust.


Anti-bribery and corruption

We will not tolerate corrupt practices of any kind in the conduct of our business.


Employees and human rights

Employees should be dealt with in good faith and on the basis of respect for the dignity of the individual. Vesuvius recognises international human rights standards where it operates and will not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour in its operations.


Disclosure and investors

Vesuvius is owned by its shareholders. We will conduct our business in a responsible manner, seeking to produce sustainable and profitable growth and deliver value to shareholders. Particular care will be given to preserving and protecting the Group’s assets by making prudent and effective use of resources.


Government society and local communities

We seek to be a good corporate citizen wherever we do business. We will observe all national and local laws, ordinances and regulations, including those regarding political activities and payment of taxes.


Conflicts of interest

Employees, officers and directors have a duty to act in the best interest of the Group, and may not use their positions to personally profit themselves or others, or act against the best interests of the Group. Personal interests that do, or might appear to, conflict with Group interests or improperly influence the performance of our duties should be avoided. It is not always possible to avoid conflicts of interest and so where an employee’s interests, or those of their family and close contacts, conflict with those of the Group or where there is a significant risk that they may conflict, the employee must declare the conflict or potential conflict immediately to their direct line manager.



We will compete vigorously, but honestly and will not seek competitive advantage through unlawful means.


Speaking up

Employees are encouraged to discuss with management any concerns about behaviour or decisions which conflict with the letter or spirit of this Code.


Making sure it works

We must always conduct our business affairs in a manner consistent with the Code’s principles. In many cases this will require exercise of considered judgement. Please consult your supervisor or other Group authority if you are ever in doubt about the Code’s meaning or scope.


Privacy and data protection 

Vesuvius is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of individuals.

Everyone has rights in respect of how their personal data is handled. During the course of its activities Vesuvius may collect, store and process personal data about its staff, customers, suppliers and other third parties. Vesuvius recognises the need to treat such data in an appropriate and lawful manner.

The Vesuvius Data Protection Policy reflects principles contained within global data protection legislation and sets out how we approach data protection issues. If our policy and/or procedures are more stringent than local laws, we will adhere to our own standards. If a local law is more stringent than our principles, we will comply accordingly, using our Policy as a guideline.

Questions, comments and requests regarding the Vesuvius Data Protection Policy are welcomed and should be addressed to