For more sustainable and energy efficient technologies

The Energy Efficiency and CO2 Impact project is a corporate initiative launched to foster the deployment of energy efficiency and sustainable solutions engineered by our technology departments.

A CO2 Impact stamp has been developed and launched in 2011 and will be used to highlight the most energy efficient solutions in our portfolio of products and services.

The production of iron, steel and foundry castings are among the most energy intensive industrial processes in the world. As a world leading provider of refractory products, services and technologies dedicated to high temperature industrial processes, Vesuvius has over the years developed specialised expertise in molten metal handling and casting.

This expertise provides assistance to customers in reducing the energy intensity of both their existing and new breakthrough processes, and by Vesuvius manufacturing new products that improve customers' energy efficiency.

All energy intensive industries (cement, minerals processing, incineration, glass) can benefit from this unique contribution to reducing the greenhouse gas emission along the entire supply chain.