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The Calcination is a thermal treatment process in presence of air or oxygen; applied to ores and other solid materials to bring about a thermal decomposition, phase transition, or removal of a volatile fraction. The calcination process usually takes place at temperatures below the melting point of the product materials. Materials processed are rare earths, precious metals, refractory metals, pigments and phosphor. Vesuvius provides trays and containers for calcination processes performed in kilns at temperatures below 1200°C.

CALCIN-TECH FS tray benefits

  • Higher cycling rate Unique fused silica material enables repeated strong thermal cycling through excellent resistance to thermal shock.
  • Strong resistance to breakage in operations Whether your process is robotic or manual to load and to pour your powders, the high mechanical resistance of the part avoids breakage and makes its lifetime longer, compared to other materials.
  • No powder contamination The selection of dedicated raw material and the high resistance of fused silica material to chemical corrosion matches the strong purity requirements in some applications.
  • Energy savings CALCIN-TECH Fused silica trays with its low specific heat capacity consume less energy to reach furnace temperature than other products made by e.g. cordierite.
  • No process interruption Precise bottom flatness ensures tray stability on all conveying systems.

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