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In continuous casting, the operators work in close proximity to liquid steel at 1500°C, for tasks that may involve heavy products and precise manipulation. One of the most exposed areas is the ladle platform.

In these demanding working conditions, there is a growing need for:

  • Improved safety
  • Better ergonomic
  • Consistent operation

Vesuvius has developed RCT-LPTM Robotic Casting Technology for Ladle Platform which brings solutions to serve both the ladle and/or the upper part of the tundish.

Main features:

  • Location of the operators in safe areas
  • Remote control of casting operations
  • Better process traceability
  • RCT-LPTM technology to serve the tundish from top:
    • Tundish powder application
    • Steel sampling in tundish
    • Manipulation of hydrogen probes
    • Manipulation of Dip temperature probes
    • Set up of continuous temperature measurement

Optional features:

  • RCT-LPTM technology to serve the ladle:
    • Ladle shroud transport and connection to gate
    • Ladle shroud cleaning and inspection
    • Oxygen lancing in case of non-free opening

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