Group Procurement is a global organization of commercial and professional talents, responsible to ensure security of supply and to deliver cost-and quality effective raw materials to our worldwide production assets in order to fulfill the growing demands of our Vesuvius customers. Vesuvius Group Procurement recognizes that to be the best at what we do, we need to rely upon a strong supplier network and build sustainable relationships with both global suppliers and local businesses in our communities.

Group Procurement will align with all suppliers that support our defined strategy and share our commitment to health, safety, the environment, human rights, compliance, support cost reduction, improve working capital and optimize quality. And we need you, our suppliers, to share your expertise to help shape new ways of doing things and identify innovative opportunities and continuous improvements to optimize our overall cost position.

I am therefore pleased to welcome you to our supplier website! It provides you with the latest news and information about working with Vesuvius, as well as direct access to tools and applications for the Vesuvius Sectors and Vesuvius Group Procurement organization.

This site is one of the first steps to further intensify our communications with you and to present one face to our suppliers. We of course welcome your thoughts and suggestions for further development of this site via the online contact form.

Benedikt Machens
Vice President Group Procurement