Vesuvius Purchasing is to proactively challenge current practices, support all operations and direct the external spend, through:

  • The identification and incorporation of innovative purchasing practices and strategies
  • The coverage of raw materials and non raw material products and related services, across all Business Units and geographies
  • The organisation and management of supplier relationships

In such a way that:

  • It is recognised as customer-oriented, value-added, world-class, diverse and professional
  • It leverages buying power and fosters collaboration and networking across Divisions and Regions
  • It remains lean as a functional department

In order to:

  • Create value by achieving better than market performance and by targeting a long-term decrease in total costs
  • Make sure goods & services are timely delivered, of consistent quality and of required volumes
  • Enable Vesuvius to maintain and further build its advantage vs. competitors and position itself as the reference partner in the molten metals industries.